7 July – Developing Confidence and Positive Work Attitude At Work

  • Workplace is a significant aspect in an individual and it is highly important to maintain confident with a positive attitude at all times
  • Good customer service is
  • Confidence is important in every work and is reflected through communication; written and spoken
  • Ideal platform to build confidence through communication and also instill positive attitude at work.

8 & 9 July – Effective Writing Skills

  • Writing is indeed a significant skill in a business environment
  • Aspects such as grammar, punctuations and most importantly vocabulary play an essential role in ensuring all business writing convey the right information at a right tone
  • A wonderful platform in ensuring participants grasp a constructive writing skill for work purposes

8 & 9 July – Kemahiran Penyeliaan yang Berkesan

  • Understand the role and functions of supervisors
  • Increase the supervisor's awareness and responsibility for his team/li>
  • Improve the skills and effectiveness of supervisors
  • 22 & 23 July – 12 Principles of Mastering Leadership

  • • What you need to do to be better leaders
  • • Develop assertiveness in carrying out responsibilities and overall, become more effective leaders
  • • Learn to master leadership.