14 & 15 Oct – Upgrade Your Communication Skills

  • Understand the importance and the ability to create an open environment for communication.
  • Build stronger relationship through powerful communication
  • Understanding of other people’s communication styles and needs.
  • 16 & 17 Oct – Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Executives

  • Comprehend the nature and purpose of finance, financial statements and the importance of working capital.
  • Develop skills in understanding and analyzing financial statements to evaluate organizational performance.
  • 16 & 17 Oct – Managing People & Team for Success

  • People are an important asset in an organization who would build or determine the productivity rate and thus the "health check" of the team or organization
  • The most important skill in business is t
  • The most important skill in business is the ability to manage people and team .
  • Understand your role as a “People Manager”

    21 & 22 Oct – Handling Misconduct, Disciplinary Procedures & Termination

  • Learn the definitions, legal requirements and due process required in handling misconduct.
  • Learn how to handle disciplinary process professionally.
  • Learn when termination of employment is warranted.
  • 23 Oct – A Sales Professional’s Essential Selling Skills

  • Develop skills to be a professional salesperson
  • Apply new skills to manage yourself and customers better
  • Learn how to persuasively position the value you bring to your customers.