6 Nov – How to Handle Difficult Customers & Complaints Effectively

  • Strategies to handle difficult customers and complaints.
  • How companies can deal proactively with complaints to promote customer goodwill, enhance corporate image leading to satisfied customers and fewer complaints.

7 Nov – Sexual Harassment – Prevention and Eradication at the Workplace

  • Understand the provisions of the law on misconduct of sexual harassment.
  • Learn how to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Provide guidelines on the establishment of in-house mechanisms at the organization level to prevent and eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace.

13 & 14 Nov – Strategic Thinking Skills for Managers & Executives

  • Understanding of how different thinking skills work
  • Learn to describe the problem-solving process.
  • Identify various thinking patterns and apply these in improving performance
  • Understand thinking models and practice exercises to help in thinking outside-the-box and generate a larger solution space

18 & 19 Nov – English Speaking Strategies & Confidence Building

  • English is vastly used in building network to increase business opportunities.
  • Practical advice and English speaking strategies
  • Help in boosting confidence when it comes to speaking in English.