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Misconduct & Domestic Inquiry Documentation & Procedures

23 & 24 June 2011

Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

Who Will Benefit

HR, Admin, Departmental Heads & Executives who are involved or will be involved in the Domestic Inquiry Process


  • To provide information on the various types of misconduct that requires attention, identify and label them in their proper perspective.

  • Help to determine minor/major misconduct and the proper usage of the respective documents.

  • Help acquire the skills and expertise in the design and drafting of the essential documents in a Disciplinary process.

  • Understand the step-by-step procedure in a Domestic Inquiry from a statutory point and to avoid the pitfalls and lacunas in drafting the documents.

Key Topics

  Minor Misconduct

¨ Documents required in Minor Misconduct

¨  Design, develop and draft Warning Letters

   Major Misconduct

¨ Identifying types of Major Misconduct

¨ Documents required in Major Misconduct

¨  Design, develop and draft Show Cause Letter and Letter of Charge

¨ Document’s Mandatory Requirements

Notice of Domestic Inquiry

¨ Mandatory requirements of a Notice of Inquiry 

¨ Design, develop and draft a Notice of Inquiry

Requirements in a Domestic Inquiry

¨  Panel of Inquiry to consider

·   Evidence

·   Proof of facts by oral evidence

·   Proof of contents of documents

·   Burden of Proof

·   Adverse Inference (Section 144, Evidence Act, 1950)

Report of Panel of Inquiry

¨  Mandatory requirements of report

¨ Critique on panel report to Management

Punishment Orders

¨   Mandatory requirements of an Order of Punishment

Principles of Substantial Justice

¨  Factors to consider - When and How it applies


  • Practical hands-on exercises to upgrade skills in designing and the proper usage of technical terms required in the respective documents.

  • Appraisal/Critique will be done on all documentation.

  • Complemented with Model letters and forms highlighting pertinent key points

  • Substantiated with case laws

Course Leader

Mr Francis Arul is a graduate from the University of Malaya majoring in Economics, (Second Class Upper) (Hon).  Since graduating, he has worked in both the public and private sector having attained “Hands-on-Experience” in all aspects of Management.  He has spent the last 20 years attached to the National Productivity Corporation (NPC).  He specialized in all areas of Management including Human Resource and Industrial Relations.  He left NPC as Head of the Management Development Department.  While with NPC, he has developed a wide range of management program for numerous companies and these programs were tailored to suit the special requirements of the organizations. 

He has in the course of his duties with NPC, attended acquired Diplomas and Certificates in Management from countries such as Japan, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Hague (Holland), West Germany and Sweden.  Recently, he was one of the delegations of five persons under UNDP for understudying Organization Behavior and the Management Systems in Germany, Holland and Sweden.   Their recommendations were submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources. 

Francis has more than twenty years of experience as a Trainer and Consultant, and is associated with a number of companies as their Trainer cum Consultant.  Besides, he is on the panel of various companies as their Consultant and provides advisory services on all aspects of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.   

Francis is also connected with various institutions and conducts the MBA, BBBA and DIMP programs for MIM (Malaysian Institute of Management), the Diploma in Human Resource program for the University of Malaya and public programs for Malaysian Institute of Training and Development (MITD). 

In 1994, he was rated the  “Training Resource Person of the Year” by MIM (Malaysian Institute of Management) for consistent excellent evaluations in the training programs conducted.  Over the years, he has researched and presented various papers for both national and international forums on Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.  Some of the countries he has presented papers include Japan, India, Iran and Indonesia. 

He provides consultancy services on a project basis on human resource issues and problems.  Besides this, he gives advisory services on a “retainer basis” to a wide range of companies in the country. 

Overall, Francis has for the past twenty years been a commanding presence in the field of training and human resource development, specializing in management and supervisory–level program.


HRDF - SBL Application (100% reimbursement)


Early Bird

(By 9 June 2011)


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16 June 2011)

One Participant  RM990.00 per person  

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RM1100.00 per person  


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